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Take Over Billboards and Marquees in Your City

billboard in PortugalSeize the spotlight on billboards and marquees. Sometimes, billboard companies offer discounted rates for leftover space. You can also collaborate with your local theaters or small businesses that have signage, transforming these spaces into beacons of inspiration.

The possibilities are as vast as your imagination. Whether you’re promoting community unity or highlighting the power of giving, these billboards and marquees serve as canvases for your message. By lighting up your city with messages of positivity, you’ll not only create a striking visual impact but also inspire others to embrace the spirit of generosity.

Pictured above: a marquee from the GivingTuesdayAustin campaign.

Pictured at left: the GivingTuesday Portugal leaders took over the subway stations to share a message that it will take you and I (and all of us) to build a better world.

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