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Organize a Flash Mob of Kindness

Transform a regular Tuesday into a celebration of compassion by encouraging your neighbors to embark on a day filled with acts of kindness! Create a challenge that can spark creativity and compassion, as your community members engage in simple but meaningful gestures that brighten lives, from helping a neighbor with groceries to leaving uplifting notes in public spaces.

You might try to find your city’s “Most Generous Resident” or add an element of friendly competition.  Acts of kindness aren’t limited to GivingTuesday; they’ll become a part of the city’s culture, reminding everyone that there’s always an opportunity to spread kindness and brighten someone’s day.

a washing machine with quarters in it. a note on top says "your load of laundry is on us - GivingTuesdayMiltary"

Pictured: An example of an act of kindness from GivingTuesdayMilitary! They took a simple yet impactful action by covering the cost of a laundry load for someone, easing the burden of an everyday task.

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