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50 Powerful Acts of Kindness

19 Nov 2022 by GivingTuesday

As we look around the world, it’s easy to see vitriol and division. However each one of us- through small acts of generosity – can change our society and change our world. It starts with you. Just one act of kindness a day can not only reduce your stress and anxiety, it can improve the well-being of the person you were kind to and inspire everyone who witnessed the act of kindness. This GivingTuesday is a great day to commit to giving kindness!

  1. Go to a dog park and pass out dog treats.
  2. Beautify a corner of your neighborhood by planting flowers or cleaning up.
  3. Pay for the coffee or meal of the person behind you in line.
  4. Shovel snow for a senior.
  5. Making a pot of chili? Ask your neighbor if they want some.
  6. Visit a neighborhood you’ve never been to before. Talk to someone who doesn’t look like you and try to find something you have in common.
  7. Plan a neighborhood block party so everyone can get to know one another.
  8. Bring popsicles to a park on a hot day.
  9. Have an old cellphone? Give it to a homeless person. It can be a lifeline.
  10. Donate your old laptop or computer to a STEM school or nonprofit.
  11. Organize a school supply drive for a local low-income school.
  12. Pay someone’s library fees.
  13. Pay for the outstanding lunch fees at a school. 
  14. Donate old books that aren’t being used to a literacy program, library, or school.
  15. Become a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister.”
  16. Find a Little Free Library in your community and drop off some books.
  17. Bring your extras from Costco to your local community fridge or Little Free Pantry.
  18. Organize a Free Store in your neighborhood.
  19. Plant a community garden.
  20. Choose to shop from underrepresented business owners.
  21. Ask for donations instead of birthday gifts.
  22. Pick up trash in your neighborhood with a group of friends.
  23. Write to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile.
  24. Make a busy bag for a family with young children.
  25. Thank your sanitation workers and delivery drivers.
  26. Paint rocks with kind messages and leave them all over town.
  27. Bring a meal to a family with a new baby.
  28. Leave a basket of essentials and surprises on the doorstep of someone you know is struggling.
  29. Write kind notes and leave them all over the neighborhood.
  30. Fill tote bags with feminine hygiene products, soap, toothbrush/toothpaste, underwear, socks, and essentials and give them to people who need them.
  31. Keep a case of water, granola bars, and socks in your car to give to people. 
  32. Make sacked lunches and give them to anyone who wants one.
  33. Sign up for bystander intervention training.
  34. Publicly acknowledge the accomplishment of someone who deserves more recognition.
  35. Share a positive review of a small business on Yelp or Google.
  36. Write a  LinkedIn recommendation for a colleague.
  37. Go on reddit/charity (or one of the other amazon wishlist type subs), pick a random person and fill their request.
  38. Leave quarters at the laundromat.
  39. Slip a $10 bill in with a box of diapers and leave it at a baby changing station.
  40. Tape bus fare to a bus stop.
  41. Offer to pick up groceries for your neighbor.
  42. Write a letter by hand to someone who’s made a difference in your life.
  43. Give someone you love flowers for no reason. If you’re feeling brave you can do this for a stranger!
  44. Leave snacks such as high energy granola bars in a hospital waiting room.
  45. Give a service worker a generous tip.
  46. Purchase groceries for the person in front of you.
  47. Organize a “baby shower” (drive for diapers, baby supplies) for a local women’s shelter.
  48. Buy a street vendors’ entire inventory. Bring the food to the fire station or the homeless shelter.
  49. Text 10 people and give them a compliment.
  50. Buy a gift card to hand to someone on your way out of the coffee shop.
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