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illustration of a laptop with the GivingTuesday heart on it
11 Oct 2022

Getting Ready for GivingTuesday

Join GivingTuesday and Candid to get easy tips to maximize your nonprofit's success ahead of GivingTuesday. The GivingTuesday team will share innovative campaign tactics and ways that forward-thinking organizations are…

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women sitting in a circle discussing who they're going to fund for their giving circle
6 Sep 2022

Giving Circles 101: How to Collaborate for Change this GivingTuesday

Giving circles are exploding in popularity as friends, family, neighbors and co-workers come together to make social change and have fun while doing it! Join Ilyasah N Shabazz, Philanthropy Together's…

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7 May 2022

Crypto 101 for Nonprofits

Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. The blockchain. These words were obscure and foreign to most non-techies just a few years ago; now they're on the tip of everyone's tongue. Forward-thinking nonprofits are recognizing…

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7 May 2022

The Networked Revolution: How Collective Action and Co-Creation are Shaping Movements and Institutions

How to build a movement. Learn about the principles through which the global GivingTuesday movement was built and thrives.

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