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They All Count: Big Change is the Result of A Million Tiny Steps

9 Apr 2024 by GivingTuesday

By Heeral, Esteban, and Bidemi Adedire 

This post was originally published on the GivingTuesday Africa Hub blog.


We often overlook the micro-moments of impact, forgetting that the seeds of tomorrow’s forests are in today’s small acts of kindness.

Can we normalize simple acts of kindness that light up dark moments?

I’ve seen it, and maybe you have too. There’s something magical in those tiny acts of generosity that too often go unnoticed. But let me tell you, they add up.


“They All Count; Big Change is the Result of A Million Tiny Steps. It’s the Grand Gestures, the Small Tokens, and Everything That Falls Between.”

Bidemi Adedire


Be kind to yourself through others


Let’s take a moment to celebrate the spirit of generosity, beautifully captured by Lawrencia Awuku from Giving Tuesday Ghana.

Imagine this: you’re in a new country, unsure of where to go, and someone steps forward not just to guide you but to accompany you on a 5-hour journey to your destination. This is how remarkable Lawrencia is and this is exactly the kind of heartwarming hospitality you find in Ghana.

For Lawrencia #Generosity means “Being Kind to Yourself Through Others”

Watch Here


A story wrapped in warmth & comfort








Mumtaj Begum is a GivingTuesday India community leader. To celebrate the spirit of generosity and giving, Mumtaj sourced blankets from a local businessman with the help of community members and through donations, and distributed them to the elderly.

Mumtaj’s cozy gesture of generosity towards the elderly in her community not only brought physical comfort to them, but also warmed her soul with an unexpected flood of joy.

She says,”This is the first time I gave, and really felt the spirit of giving. I will definitely include an element of generosity in everything I do now and also spread it within my community!”

Shout out to Mumtaj, for letting us witness the power of generosity, but more importantly, showing us that the giver always receives the greatest warmth!


Together with one heart

Suicide is a mental health issue, yet in Malawi, it is treated as a crime than what it really is. Charles Sineta, who leads GivingTuesday in Malawi, has kicked off a campaign with the Zomba Mental Hospital to change how people view suicide. He wants to help Malawi’s young people get the support they need. Together, they’re amplifying their reach and resonance, hoping to reshape the mental health landscape of Malawi and bring down the harrowing suicide statistics.

Read the full story here.


Hair giving: A touching tradition on Argentina’s GivingTuesday
























In Argentina, GivingTuesday is marked by a unique and heartwarming tradition: hair donation. Every year, this initiative sees town squares across the country come alive with joy and community spirit. Neighbors pull up chairs and local hairdressers volunteer their services, all to support a common cause.

People from all walks of life participate in solidarity, eagerly contributing their hair. Some do so in honor of loved ones who have passed away, making the gesture even more meaningful.

The hair collected on this day goes to various foundations and social organizations that craft custom wigs for cancer patients. These wigs aren’t just about covering a head; they’re made to mirror the individual’s own style, helping them maintain a sense of normalcy and personal identity during challenging times.

Argentina inspires us to remember that we all have something valuable to give and that every act of generosity can have a significant impact on someone else’s life.


Generosity in motion

In Liberia, a school bus is changing the lives of children!

Meet the ‘Radical Generosity Bus’ – a moving classroom bringing education, inspiration, and a whole lot of heart to kids across 32 communities.

While many can’t recall the last time they saw a dedicated school bus for students in Liberia, change-makers like Z.J. Jallah (CEO of Yes Liberia and Country Lead of GivingTuesday Liberia) have created an ecosystem of learning, sharing, and growing while on the move. Learn more and listen below.


What if we told you, you could change the world right now? Would you believe it?


This is what “#RadicalGenerosity” means.

It’s the Grand Gestures, the Small Tokens, and Everything That Falls Between

These stories, moments, [#OrdinaryExtraordinaryGenerosity] are the essence of Radical Generosity. It’s the belief that there’s no act too small to make an impact and that we have countless opportunities to extend kindness in the everyday ebb and flow of life.

Across the world, the spirit of GivingTuesday shines – not just once a year, but in daily actions that say, “I see you, I support you, we’re in this together.”


What small step will you take today?

How will you add to this incredible story of ours? It doesn’t take much. Sometimes, all it takes is noticing the need at the next table.

If these stories touch your heart, if you feel that pull to join in and make a difference, reach out. Your acts of kindness might just be the next chapter in this beautiful story we’re all writing—a story where everyone is the main character.

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