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Rally a Giving Circle with Friends and Family

Collective giving is truly powerful. And a lot of fun! Rally your very own “giving circle” during a gathering (virtual or in-person)  with family and friends. Pool your resources, be it dollars or time, and join forces to support a cause close to your hearts. It’s like dumping out that piggy bank and combining your efforts for a more significant impact.

Start by having an open conversation about your shared passions and identify local organizations in your community that could benefit from your support.

Do you and your loved ones have a soft spot for animals? Explore local animal shelters and see if they require assistance. Are you a group of musicians, athletes, or food enthusiasts? Seek out local causes to support that match your passions.  The power of giving together is truly remarkable, uniting friends and family for a shared purpose that can make a real difference in your community.

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