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Create a Generosity Pop-Up Shop

Create a pop-up generosity station that sparks positive actions. Partner with a local small business for your pop-up location or revive an old newsstand. Offer a variety of activities, from writing on a kindness wall, assembling pre-packed toiletry bags for the houseless, to crafting heartfelt letters for the elderly; think simple, quick, easy-to-do activities for anybody who might be passing by your shop.  Encourage participants to share their experience on social media. Your pop-up shop will become a hub of kindness, reminding everyone of the incredible power of simple, community-driven acts of generosity.

Pictured above: GivingTuesday Ukraine often hosts pop-ups at festivals and in cities throughout the country.

Pictured below: A sign from GivingTuesday Austin’s Pop-Up event.

pop up sign

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