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Use Your Creativity for Good: ‘Pull up a Chair’ Charity Event

St Marys GivingTuesday in Canada has been leading their local GivingTuesday movement for almost a decade. In 2022, they launched a new idea: the ‘Pull Up A Chair’ charity event. Their call was simple: they needed chairs, and chairs with stories were even better. Community members responded with enthusiasm, sharing not just the old chairs tucked away in the garage, but the tales and memories attached to them.

These chairs, some weathered but sturdy, became the canvas for local artists to work their magic. The result was a remarkable transformation. An auction of these artistically revived chairs not only showcased the boundless creativity within the community but also raised vital funds for supporting a longstanding community tradition of serving a hot meal weekly for anyone to enjoy. Check out the Mayor of St. Marys auctioning off the chairs!

This event was a beautiful blend of creativity, community spirit, and generosity. It’s a chance to transform everyday objects into works of art, all while making a positive impact. So, gather your community, find some chairs, and let your artistic talents shine for a greater good.

Two men on a stage holding up painted chairs. THey're auctioning them off for a community dinner

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