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India Generosity Data Convening

September 13, 2022

A generosity data convening to co-create India's first philanthropic data collaborative Bringing together multiple stakeholders including research organizations, giving platforms, implementing organizations, funders, ecosystem supporters, and members from the global…

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Crypto 101 for Nonprofits

May 7, 2022

Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. The blockchain. These words were obscure and foreign to most non-techies just a few years ago; now they're on the tip of everyone's tongue. Forward-thinking nonprofits are recognizing…

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The Networked Revolution: How Collective Action and Co-Creation are Shaping Movements and Institutions

May 7, 2022

How to build a movement. Learn about the principles through which the global GivingTuesday movement was built and thrives.

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Engaging Missing Voices in the Data and Impact Measurement Conversation

April 14, 2022

Around the world in every community, giving is happening in a multitude of ways – modes of giving that while important to the nonprofit sector, to date haven’t been viewed…

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