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Welcoming Pakistan to the Global #GivingTuesday Movement

31 Jan 2019 by GivingTuesday

We’re thrilled to officially welcome Pakistan to #GivingTuesday! The global generosity movement nears 60 official countries.

“It is really exciting for us Pakistanis to be the part of the Giving Tuesday worldwide campaign,” says Azeem Christopher, Program Coordinator at the Association for Women’s Awareness and Rural Development (AWARD) in Lahore, who will lead the movement. “Leaving all the hard and crucial times behind, Pakistan is all ready to rise again and with it, the spirits and passion of the people and the communities.”

“With changing trends worldwide, the people – especially the youth of Pakistan (60% of the total population) – are striving hard to bring up the positive change by speaking up and acting upon, through various national and social media channels.

#GivingTuesdayPakistan will provide a platform for the youth to spread out the positive word in society. The campaign will bring communities closer and promote the trend of tolerance and acceptability among them.”

Here’s a sneak peek of the #GivingTuesdayPakistan logo.

#GivingTuesday is a movement that empowers people around the world come together to give back. What started as a day in the US, has quickly grown into a worldwide celebration of generosity and our shared capacity to give. Visit our global page to learn more about the nearly 60 global campaigns, connect with a campaign in your country, or cultivate a culture of generosity by starting a campaign in your own nation!

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