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Accelerating Generosity: Planning GivingTuesday in Asia

10 Jun 2019 by GivingTuesday

This past week, the GivingTuesday Global Team was in Asia to celebrate local movements and learn about giving traditions in cultures across the region.

The week kicked off in Taiwan, where the GivingTuesday global team met with NGO and corporate leaders to discuss the future of #GivingTuesdayTaiwan.

Now in its second year, #GivingTuesdayTaiwan aims to help people across Taiwan celebrate their #GivingPriority. The thinking is: we are so busy in our everyday lives, it’s often challenging to pause and make giving back a priority. GivingTuesday invites people to take the opportunity to reflect on generosity in their communities and do an acts of kindness to celebrate giving, thereby helping them make giving a priority in their culture.

With the help of CSRone, the team facilitating #GivingTuesdayTaiwan, leaders from NGOs and companies across Taiwan met in Taipei and shared their ideas and experiences in the sector. Over 19 organizations were represented, including Microsoft, PwC, LINE, ChangGung Hospital, and others.

Over the course of four hours, participants discussed the opportunity for GivingTuesday in Taiwan. They used CSRone’s state-of-the-art app, M-Tool, to explore impact priorities and solutions from one company’s perspective and then applied that approach to brainstorm campaigns and mega messages for their own organizations. From fundraising to recruiting volunteers to planting trees and building sustainable businesses, participants developed goals, metrics, and a call to action they can use to activate and engage communities on GivingTuesday.

As a bonus, the global team was able to meet a local GivingTuesday celebrity–the logo contest winner–and learn more about her creativity and how CSRone is inviting everyone across Taiwan to help shape the movement.

In addition to the workshop in Taipei, the global team presented at ARNOVA Asia, during which they shared the latest findings from the GivingTuesday Data Collaborative with academics and researchers.

After a quick flight to Singapore, the Global team met with the GivingTuesday global leader in Singapore, giving platforms, and the National Volunteer and Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) about research priorities and ways they can form a “City of Good” around #GivingWeek. In Singapore, 8/10 people participate in some form of mirco-giving or acts of kindness in their everyday lives. Through #GivingWeek, the team at NVPC is providing activities everyday from December 1 – 7 for people all around the island to participate in giving back.

Singapore’s unique approach to GivingTuesday has had a tremendous impact on local communities. In 2018, over $12,200,000 Singapore dollars were raised for charity, and over 3,100 volunteers were activated around the city. From activations along the island’s most popular streets to working with companies like Facebook and TEDx on NGO capacity building workshops, the GivingWeek team is on a mission to build a City of Good. According to the team, they are doing this “because we believe that little acts, when multiplied by millions, can make a world of difference.”

In addition to the data meet up, the GivingTuesday Global team spoke with NGOs who are planning activities for Singapore’s Bicentennial Community Fund. They also met with corporate, social enterprise, and community leaders involved with NVPC’s Company of Good Fellows.

And of course, a regional visit would not be complete without a meeting with our APAC global leaders. On Friday, June 7, representatives from Australia, India, Taiwan, and China joined the Singapore team at NVPC’s office for a day-long strategy workshop. The global leaders shared plans for GivingTuesday in their countries and discussed the many ways they can collaborate on increasing philanthropy across the region.

We are so proud to work with organizers at CSRone (Taiwan), NVPC (Singapore), GiveNow (Australia), Guidestar India (India), and Guangzhou Tongdao Nonprofit Center (China) on GivingTuesday and #MyGivingStory initiatives. We are especially grateful for our leaders in Taiwan and Singapore for hosting our team.


Learn more about the national GivingTuesday movements in the Asia Pacific region:

#GivingTuesdayTaiwan – website, Facebook, Instagram

#GivingWeek in Singapore – website, Facebook, Instagram

#GivingTuesdayAustralia – website, Facebook, Twitter

#GivingTuesdayIndia – website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

#GivingTuesdayPakistan – Facebook


Email our team If you or your organization is based in Asia and is interested in getting involved with these country movement, or are interested in forming a movement in your country!

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