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Narrating Generosity: MyGivingStory Campaigns From Around the Globe

24 Oct 2023 by GivingTuesday

In the very first years of GivingTuesday, Melinda French Gates had a visionary idea of encouraging people to share their personal stories of giving. The MyGivingStory contest was born, inviting individuals to express the “how” and “why” behind their acts of generosity. Fast forward to 2023, and this campaign has spread its roots to various corners of the globe. While the essence remains the same, different countries have adapted MyGivingStory to their local culture and needs. Here are five countries that are hosting their unique iterations of the MyGivingStory contest.

tanzania my giving story eventTanzania: My Giving Story in Africa

Tanzania, known for its rich culture and vibrant communities, has embraced the MyGivingStory contest with open arms with the goal of promoting the culture of giving and generosity in the region. After winning the competition in 2018, Daniel Haule was hired to run the program, funded by Africa Philanthropy Network and supported by the Tanzania Philanthropy Forum and EAPN (East African Philanthropy Network). 

The competition kicked off in September and runs until October 20, 2023. Five lucky winners will receive funding for their chosen charities and will organize a generosity activation during GivingTuesday on November 28, 2023.

India: #BornGenerous – Unveiling Acts of Kindness

In the bustling streets of India, the GivingTuesday India Hub team has introduced their version of MyGivingStory with a unique twist – #BornGenerous. This social campaign is a celebration of the inherent kindness and generosity found in everyday life.

The team spent months documenting simple acts of generosity on the streets of India. While the campaign’s generosity stories are rooted in India, they welcome everyone to share their stories of ordinary and extraordinary generosity using the hashtag #BornGenerous. It’s a beautiful way to showcase the diverse culture and rich traditions of India while highlighting the universal spirit of giving.

Brazil: Empowering Community Leaders

In Brazil, #MyGivingStory has become a powerful tool for engaging and recruiting community leaders. Over 70 local leaders, known as “handraisers,” have committed to leading city or community campaigns. This contest provides them with an opportunity to share their local stories, emphasizing the profound impact of local giving, community building, and the cultural diversity that Brazil boasts.

MyGivingStory in Brazil is not only about celebrating individual acts of generosity but also about inspiring future leaders and nurturing a culture of giving that will thrive for generations to come.

Greece: Sharing the Heart of Giving

Greece has launched its own version of the MyGivingStory campaign to encourage people to share their stories of giving and to recognize the causes and charities they support. The focus here is on bringing to light the diverse ways in which generosity flourishes in Greek society.

The campaign invites people to share their personal stories of generosity, revealing the warmth and empathy that characterizes Greek culture. It’s a platform to express gratitude for the causes and charities that touch their hearts.

Senegal: Celebrating Teranga through Storytelling

This year, Giving Tuesday Senegal is embarking on a unique storytelling campaign to spotlight the generosity of individuals within the country. They’ve chosen to do this through an engaging podcast series named “Magal Teranga.” In this podcast, they’ll share the heartwarming stories of people who are actively making a difference in Senegal.

The campaign is a celebration of Senegal’s cherished tradition of hospitality and kindness, famously known as Teranga. “Magal Teranga” is not just about sharing stories; it’s about turning these narratives into a comprehensive report that explains the various ways Senegalese people give to others. This effort is a heartfelt tribute to the acts of kindness that so beautifully represent Senegal’s giving spirit.

In a world that often emphasizes individualism, the MyGivingStory campaign continues to remind us of the power of sharing, caring, and supporting one another. Whether it’s in Tanzania, India, Brazil, Greece, or Senegal, the essence of generosity transcends borders, cultures, and languages. Each country’s unique adaptation of the campaign highlights the beauty of giving and encourages people worldwide to share their own stories. So, why not join the global movement and share your own giving story today? Share on social with the hashtag #GivingTuesday!
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