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GivingTuesday Releases its 2021 Impact Report: Giving and Community in a Time of Crisis

21 Jan 2022 by GivingTuesday
As a movement, GivingTuesday grows both broader and deeper because of the countless people who believe in the power of radical generosity.

What started as a simple idea in 2012 has grown into a year-round worldwide movement, and this year’s data, trends, and stories highlight this upward trajectory. As the pandemic continued to disrupt systems and drive increased need, GivingTuesday continued to mobilize and unite communities in the face of crisis and uncertainty. We expanded our global reach, invested in leadership development for underrepresented and under resourced leaders, and supported sector resiliency through data and insights. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, GivingTuesday fostered new partnerships, strengthened existing collaborations, and lifted up coalitions of organizations working in concert to drive change. These collective efforts transcended borders, beliefs, and backgrounds. 

As both an annual celebration and a year-round global movement, GivingTuesday continues to grow and evolve, with no leveling off of the ongoing innovation and creativity, from the smallest town to the largest countries to the newest coalitions or the youngest children.  

Our youth movement continued to grow, with 18 countries now engaging young people around the world in leadership and generosity, while we leaned into our commitment to inspire and innovate new ways to increase generosity  We kicked off our second cohort of the Starling Collective with an even more robust fellowship experience to uplift and resource proximate leaders who are advancing cultures of generosity in their communities, yet are often under recognized and under resourced. On November 30, 2021, we celebrated unity and giving during another record-breaking GivingTuesday, with people donating $2.7B in one day in the U.S. alone on top of the countless acts of generosity expressed in non-monetary ways. 

Reimagning the World Through Generosity

Yearning for a better path forward against a backdrop of seemingly intractable global crises, the world embraced the idea of radical generosity—the act of giving not as a transaction between haves and have-nots but as a powerful expression of solidarity and reciprocity. We also believe radical generosity is crucial for solving the world’s most pressing challenges. 

Working within the multi-layered and multifaceted communities that make up the global generosity movement that GivingTuesday has become, our globally distributed team is privileged to be able to witness humanity at its very finest on a daily basis: neighbor helping neighbor and stranger helping stranger, thereby showing even in the darkest moments—especially in those moments—the kind of solidarity and caring that transcends and transforms fear and isolation.  

As we look to our 10th anniversary and set our sights on our next ten years, we are energized by the opportunity of creating a better future, together, and we approach that work with hope, ambition, and humility.

Browse our 2021 impact report or browse below.

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