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Feeding Hope: A Restaurateur’s Journey of Generosity

2 Jul 2024 by GivingTuesday

Sujan Katuwal found himself in a busy kitchen and with an eager staff – two fortunate anomalies during the COVID-19 pandemic. He found an opportunity to extend this fortune beyond the kitchen by offering free meals every Tuesday to the homeless and to key workers in the United Kingdom, such as the Armed Forces and the NHS staff. 

“Inspiration comes in many ways, but by far the greatest is the genuine difference it makes. You can see it in people’s faces when you deliver food to them at homeless shelters, or in the garments we distribute or the funds we’ve raised being put to good work across the charitable endeavors we support,” he reflects.

His journey began in Nepal, where he was born and raised. Even after moving to the UK, he continues to support his homeland as his form of appreciation for the care and love he received growing up there. He offers free meals to individuals in need residing in shelters throughout Nepal. Additionally, he supports local blood bank units by ensuring the safe transport of blood and blood products through the provision of cold chain boxes and other crucial materials for organizing effective blood drives in Nepal.

Sujan’s generosity extends to children with spinal cord injuries, who are reliant on wheelchairs for life. He provides these children with medical supplies, stationery, and nutritious foods. Moreover, he supports community schools in rural and mountainous areas with computers and educational materials. His compassion and dedication towards both his current place of living and Nepal are truly remarkable.

This journey has brought incredible opportunities and challenges. Among the greatest opportunities are the friendships and connections Sujan has made. Reflecting on his time in the UK, he shares, “The greatest opportunity has undoubtedly been the friends I’ve made on my journey and the people I’ve met. When I first arrived in the UK, I never imagined I would be on national television, nor that I would have met and formed friendships with two Members of the House of Lords or Dame Joanna Lumley! I genuinely believe if you do good deeds, goodness comes to you.”


“I genuinely believe if you do good deeds, goodness comes to you.” – Sujan Katuwal


However, the journey is not without its challenges. “The greatest challenge undoubtedly is that there is always more you can do, there are always more people to help – and it’s a challenge to find them and help them without neglecting those you’re already committed to,” Sujan explains.

To local leaders aspiring to activate their communities, Sujan offers this advice: “I would say to local leaders that you can always help someone, no matter how great or small the deed: it will always make a difference to someone. We should all work together as well, as the more of us who commit to the cause of giving and supporting, the greater the end result and therefore everyone benefits.”

Serving his motherland is a deeply rooted conviction for Sujan. He believes that success comes with a responsibility to give back, to help others thrive as he has. “You should never forget where you came from and, if you’ve succeeded as I have, you should always be ready to serve and help others so they can thrive as you have done,” Sujan asserts. Never forgetting where you came from ensures that you remain connected to your roots and committed to fostering growth and prosperity in your homeland. By serving others, we honor our heritage and pave the way for future generations to flourish.


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