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Dia De Doar 2021 Impact Report

24 Mar 2022 by GivingTuesday

By the Dia De Doar Team (GivingTuesday Brazil)

In 2021, Dia de Doar (“GivingTuesday Brazil”) reached its ninth edition, and just like the others, 2021 was unique and special. On November 30th, the entire country joined forces in a big movement to promote the best in people: the ability to be generous and to give.

The numbers are impressive and speak for themselves on the impact of Dia de Doar, as you will see below. And it is still surprising how much can be accomplished with so few resources, when you have a good idea, easily spread and easy to join. Counting just the campaign’s digital impact on social media, Dia de Doar reached 23 million people on November 30th, aside from all the off-line engagement which can’t be measured. This number is a great example of the campaign’s potential to raise awareness.

In Brazil, Dia de Doar is, without a doubt, the most accessible, dynamic and efficient initiative to promote a simple idea that is easy to understand: that we must engage in the causes we believe in and give, give, give. Dia de Doar is based on the new power concept, by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms, operating like a current, open and participatory, aiming to channel good deeds and fortify the culture of donating in Brazil In this report, you will learn more about the 2021 edition of Dia de Doar, get to know our priorities and see inspiring examples.

The 2021 Dia De Doar Impact Report
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