Cause & Social Influence

The Cause & Social Influence initiative has published Influencing Young America to Act: Special report - June 2020, research tracking actions by young Americans 18-30 in the current moment on racial inequality and social injustice for Black people.

The report - from a survey fielded June 8-9, 2020 - is the latest of many in a series that is part of the Cause and Social Influence research initiative. The initiative delivers insights into the actions by and influences on young Americans during moments and movements as they happen.

6 Key Findings

1). More young Americans are signing petitions on a cause's website than taking any other action, including participating in marches/rallies or posting/sharing social media content.

2). Across the board, young Americans believe their actions will help address discrimination, racial inequality and social injustice for Black people.

3). One-fifth of each population has made a charitable gift. This is a noticeable increase from the previous two years of studies.

4). Nearly 50% of young Americans think President Donald Trump is addressing racial issues "not well at all." The next-highest rating is "moderately well" at 16% among white/Caucasian respondents.

5). Young Americans trust social movements and nonprofits the most to do what's right relating to racial inequality, discrimination and social injustice for Black People.

6). Black young people believe companies or brands could have "a great deal" of influence on racial inequality, discrimination and social injustice.

Download the full report here.