Funder Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Center for Effective Philanthropy

Based on a nationally representative survey of nonprofit leaders in May 2020, Funder Support During the COVID-19 Pandemic sheds light on which organizations face the toughest challenges, what is most needed from funders, and what differences in experience are emerging based on characteristics such as organization type and gender of nonprofit leaders.

The data in this report also reveals what nonprofits have found to be most helpful from institutional foundations and individual donors, respectively, as well as what they need most from both groups in the current moment.

Findings are based on survey responses from 172 participants in CEP’s Grantee Voice Panel, a national sample of CEOs from nonprofit, grant-seeking organizations that receive at least one grant from foundations giving $5 million or more annually.

The survey was conducted with support from the Fund for Shared Insight. The survey instrument used to gather information for this report are available below and the methodology is available here.

Download a powerpoint presentation of the data here.