In every aspect of our lives, we see the rising power of the collective voices of people--people who, by themselves, may lack traditional forms of influence or capital, but who, when they come together, increase their influence significantly, sometimes dramatically.

In the world of philanthropy, there is growing tension and chafing at the same old models, outdated best practices, and long-held paradigms. At GivingTuesday, we see the generosity landscape as rich in possibility, complexity and diversity. Around the world, our leaders promote solidarity, kindness, unity, and power among their communities. Our global network shares a unified vision for a more generous world, but each country and community is unique. We celebrate the knowledge that is only borne of lived experience among leaders working to address inequality and social justice.

From just an idea in 2012, GivingTuesday is now a global force, both an annual ritual and a year-round movement, with measurable activity in nearly every country and territory on earth. We have a dedicated leadership network representing 60+ countries, 400+ local communities and cause coalitions globally (including 200+ in the U.S.), and 60+ data platforms in an unprecedented generosity coalition. Nearly $2 billion was donated in the U.S. alone on GivingTuesday 2019, and countless acts of generosity and kindness were performed in big and small ways around the world.

We look into 2020 with great anticipation as we continue to build on the tremendous momentum, reach, and impact of GivingTuesday.

Asha Curran, CEO and the GivingTuesday team