Gain insight into the nature of giving in the United States
Charities Aid Foundation

Charities Aid Foundation has released its Charitable Giving in the USA 2019 report, which looks at how individuals give across the United States. The report provides unique insight into how people give, their motivations and which causes they support.

Key Findings Include:

  • Compared to 2017, more people in this year’s survey report taking part in charitable activity during the last 12 months (70%, up from 62% in 2017);
  • More than six in ten (62%) Americans gave money in the last 12 months, either by donating to a charity, by giving to a church/religious organization, or by sponsoring someone. This is also significantly higher than the level in 2017, when we reported that 55% had done so;
  • Those aged 55 years and over are the most likely to have done any of the charitable activities, especially in terms of donating or sponsoring someone, both in the last four weeks and in the last 12 months;
  • Religious organizations remain the most popular cause to donate to in America (38%);
  • Giving using cash and also, online using a bank or credit card are the most popular methods of donation (both 39%);
  • More than a third (35%) have volunteered in the last year, up from 31% in 2017. Religious organizations/churches are again the most popular cause (36%) in which to volunteer;
  • The majority of Americans believe that charities have had a positive impact on their local communities, on the USA as a whole, and internationally.
  • Having more money themselves is the thing most likely to encourage Americans to donate more in the
    coming 12 months, remaining unchanged since 2017 (47%)

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