A global view of generosity
Charities Aid Foundation

About This Report

Each year, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) produces the World Giving Index to explore how and why people around the world give to charity. The report is a starting point for conversations around the world about how we nurture and grow people’s natural desire to help others and come together to build a better society, wherever we are.

The CAF World Giving Index 2018 is based on data collected over a five year period (2013-2017) from 146 countries.

The report ranks each country based on three behaviors:

  • Helping a stranger
  • Donating money
  • Volunteering time

Key Findings

  • Giving has increased in developed countries; a welcome reversal of the decline seen last year amongst most of the top- scoring Western countries.
  • The giving gap between the continents is closing. For example, five years ago there was a 7 percentage point gap between the index scores of the Americas and Africa. Now it stands at just 1 percentage point.
  • More people around the world reported helping a stranger and volunteering their time in 2017, but the proportion donating money has declined for the second year in a row.

Which Countries Are The Most Generous

Top 20 countries in the CAF World Giving Index with score and participation in giving behaviors

Indonesia tops the CAF World Giving Index for the first time this year. Two countries making their debut in the top 20 this year, Singapore and Haiti, are also two of this year’s most improved countries, Singapore having ranked as low as 64th place just five years ago. Only half of the CAF World Giving Index top 20 countries are classed by the United Nations as developed nations. 

Global Trends Across Behaviors

As the CAF World Giving Index enjoys such a large sample size (over 150,000 people worldwide) they are able to highlight statistically significant global movements even when they appear to be very small.

This year, significantly more people across the globe reported helping a stranger and volunteering their time and significantly fewer people reported donating money to a charity, the second year this particular measure has declined. 

CAF has produced the World Giving Index over the past nine years because it is very difficult otherwise to gain insight into the levels of giving in different countries, and because of its power to stimulate debate about how to unleash the enormous potential power of giving to transform lives and communities around the world.

"This year it is heartening that millions more people helped others and volunteered their time," says Sir John Low, CAF's Chief Executive. "The global fall in the numbers giving money is a concern, however, as the cumulative effect of the money people give can have an amazing effect."

To read the full report, visit CAF's website or view the document below. Take a look at the map to see where the 146 surveyed countries are ranked.