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#MyGivingStory is a nationwide campaign and social media story-telling contest that fosters a public discussion about the reasons people give. 

The 2017 contest launched on November 1, 2017, and concluded with the announcement of the first place winners on December 20, 2017. Individuals were asked to respond to the prompt, “Every act of giving has a story. What is yours?” and to respond by submitting either a written essay (with an optional photo) or a video story. Unlike past years, storytellers did not have to name a nonprofit in their stories. They did, however, in a separate field on their entry form, name the nonprofit that would receive a grant should their story win. 

Over the four weeks that the contest was open (Nov 1 to Nov 31) and the five weeks of voting (Nov 1 to Dec 7): 

  • 3,128 stories shared 
  • 403,802 votes (183,717 unique voters)
  • Facebook shares: 520
  • Twitter shares: 429
  • Link shares: 195

The report below explores all elements of the 2017 contest, including:

  • Levels of participation by a range of demographic features and across three avenues of participation (entrant-storytellers, voters, viewers)
  • Content of the stories to identify trends in giving
  • Motivations of givers, how people view giving and what drives participation in this contest
  • Current structure of the competition against the goals of the contest and explore recommendations for its improvement
  • Recommendations for the future of the project

Read the full report below for a complete analysis of the 2017 #MyGivingStory contest.