Fidelity Charitable

More people than ever before are choosing to use donor-advised funds to plan their giving. The Fidelity Charitable Giving Report is a snapshot of their nearly 180,000 donors and how their impact on the charitable sector has grown.

Top Trends for 2017:

  • Donor generosity fuels new records in donor-recommended grantsFidelity Charitable made a record $4.5 billion in donor-recommended grants last year, a $1 billion year-over-year increase. Volumes also hit a new milestone in 2017: 1 million grants went to 127,000 different nonprofits.
  • $60M in disaster relief support across 21K grants.
  • Tenfold increase in bitcoin donation dollarsAfter a year of rapid appreciation, bitcoin has become an increasingly popular way to fund charitable giving. Fidelity Charitable saw a surge of bitcoin donations at year-end, when the cryptocurrency's value peaked.

To read the full report, download the PDF below or visit Fidelity Charitable's Report website.