The nonprofit sector is notoriously averse to change. With donors, grant makers, and watchdog organizations on the lookout for inefficiencies and waste, it may seem smartest to just stick with what has worked in the past. The 75 million millennials that will soon become the dominant force in philanthropy, however, will not respond to the same communication and engagement practices that nonprofits have relied on for decades.

Millennials have different expectations, and if your nonprofit doesn’t meet them fundraising will become much more difficult. If your organization taps into research on the millennial generation and adapts to new technology and communication practices, though, you can start reaching these young people now.  Most millennials are young adults, so nurturing relationships with these donors can result in decades of support.

To prepare nonprofits for this new generation of social advocates, we’ve gathered key insights and best practices.


  • Who makes up the Millennial generation and what they love
  • How to attract Millennials to your organization
  • Suggestions for how to inspire a Millennial to give
  • Unique strategies for involving Millennials with your organization
  • How to steward Millennials and turn them into life-long supporters 

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