Wave 3

When we decided to investigate how millennial cause engagement behaviors might change during a U.S. presidential electio year, we had no idea we’d be doing so during what inarguably was the most contentious and surprising contest since Dewey vs. Truman. We did know, however, that few events in the country put social issues and affiliated causes in the public spotlight more than presidential campaigns, and even fewer could give us the same breadth of insight into who supports and opposes them.

In light of the character of this campaign cycle, one could say our timing was impeccable. A report on millennials’ self-identified attitudes and voting intentions, especially during the last three months before Election Day (Wave 3 of our research, what this release focuses on), may help researchers and reporters across the country explain why so many of us were caught off guard at the results of the nationwide vote.

These new insights will inform and supplement our understanding of millennials. At the same time, our final report will reveal the influence this campaign has had on this generation’s way of thinking about presidential elections, civic involvement and the worth of individual cause engagement. 

View the infographic below or download the full report at http://www.themillennialimpact.com/2016-report/.