CECP is proud to release Giving Around the Globe: 2016 Edition, the leading source for guidance on the global expansion of corporate community engagement. The Giving Around the Globe report is primarily based on data from over 120 of the world's largest companies located outside of the United States from 20 countries. Coupled with the CECP report Giving in Numbers: 2016 Edition, which is predominantly based on findings from companies based in North America, these reports provide the most comprehensive global analysis of corporate societal investment available

Fast Facts by Region:

  • Asia: Pro Bono service was the most commonly offered domestic volunteer program and several organizations also promoted skills-based volunteering opportunities for employees working in Asia.
  • Europe: 81% of surveyed European companies gave internationally, although the United Kingdom (UK) European Union membership referendum (also known as Brexit) may affect cross-border contributions as well as labor mobility.
  • Latin America: Just 38% of Latin American companies offered matching-gift programs, which is lower than any other region, suggesting Latin American companies can explore increasing employee engagement by matching donations to employees’ personal donations, engendering a deeper sense of giving back.
  • Africa: Few South African companies offered Pro Bono service opportunities, despite a deepseated commitment to giving, such as paid-release time for domestic volunteerism. Corporations may do well to advance directly to skills-based volunteering, when building new community engagement efforts.

To learn more and to read the full report, visit: http://cecp.co/measurement/global-measurement.html