What CrowdRise Learned from the Giving Tower

It's no secret that the most important time for every charity is the last couple months of the year. Fundraising is amplified, messaging is rampant and everyone is making a final push crucial to advancing the mission of their organization.  According to our friends at Network for Good, 31% of annual giving in 2014 happened in the month of December. Coupled with the fact that 12% of giving happened in the last three days of the calendar year, there's no doubting that the end of the year is crucial for charities. 

31% of annual giving in 2014 happened in December. 12% of giving happened in the last three days year.

With 3.5 million registered 501c3 charities in the United States and holiday season making life crazy, how do you cut through the noise to reach your donors? And how do you keep the momentum high from #GivingTuesday all the way through the end of the year?

Those are really tough questions, and we've been working tirelessly to help charity partners solve them both.

For the last five years, CrowdRise has innovated around traditional holiday giving by inviting thousands of charitable organizations to compete in a fundraising competition where the top-raising charities win grand prize donations for their causes. 

It's called the Giving Tower Holiday Challenge and it's been a big gamechanger for CrowdRise's charity partners since 2012.  Read the full report below to learn more about the Giving Tower and what the past four years have taught us about #GivingTuesday and holiday giving.