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GivingTuesday NextTen Task Force

Celebrating a decade of unleashing radical generosity around the world.

In 2022 GivingTuesday will celebrate and reflect on its 10 years of unleashing generosity around the globe.

We are planning a year-long celebration, including new thought leadership, data and insights, social media campaigns, events, and more, to commemorate this milestone, providing a retrospective of our first 10 years, and looking ahead to plans for realizing our vision of reimagining a world built upon shared humanity and generosity.

GivingTuesday is assembling a group of friends, champions, and advisors to form the NextTen Task Force, to help inform and plan GivingTuesday’s year-long 10th Anniversary Celebration and to imagine what the movement can accomplish in its next ten years.  

The anniversary will serve as a major opportunity to elevate GivingTuesday’s profile, showcase the movement’s unique model and impact, and grow key programmatic efforts of global leadership, learning, and youth engagement. The task force will provide strategic insight and support for the planning and execution of the commemoration.

Download the NextTen Task Force Overview

GivingTuesday NextTen Task Force Charter

The NextTen Task Force is charged with collaborating to ensure that GivingTuesday’s 10th anniversary year in 2022 celebrates the accomplishments of the movement’s first decade while planning ambitiously for the next one. 


  1. Brainstorm ideas that will highlight GivingTuesday’s anniversary including events, recognition, partnerships, support, etc.
  2. Support and advise the GivingTuesday team in expanding funding targets and increasing the fundraising goal, leveraging the 10th anniversary to do so. 
  3. Advise the GivingTuesday team on data priorities, events, strategies, publications, and programs to propel the next 10 years of impact.
  4. Offer suggestions and support for publicity and participation in the anniversary celebration.
  5. Inform branding and messaging for the commemoration of the 10th anniversary and the next ten years.
  6. Identify and collect stories, historical milestones, and memorabilia for inclusion in celebration.
  7. Any other activities as assigned by the GivingTuesday Board of Directors or Anniversary Task Force.

The Task Force cannot make any binding commitments on behalf of GivingTuesday. Their recommendations will need to be approved either by the Board of Directors or by appropriate and properly authorized staff.


  1. The task force shall consist of a minimum of eight members.
  2. The task force will include GivingTuesday’s CEO and members of its Board of Directors, country and community leaders, as well as trusted advisors and partners of GivingTuesday.
  3. Task force members will be appointed by GivingTuesday’s CEO, Asha Curran and Chair of the Board, Rob Reich.


  1. The task force will meet via Zoom quarterly, and communicate and collaborate on an ongoing basis, starting in summer of 2021 and concluding December 2022. 
  2. The task force will communicate and offer ideas via a dedicated Slack channel between meetings.
  3. GivingTuesday staff will provide briefings on the progress of the Task Force and submit their recommendations on an ongoing basis at Executive Committee and Board Meetings.
Download the NextTen Task Force Overview