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GivingTuesday Data Commons Fellowship

The GivingTuesday Data Commons invites graduate students (masters level, and PhD candidates), postdocs, and exceptional undergraduate students to apply for the GivingTuesday Data Commons Summer Fellowship Program

Selected Fellows will be awarded a research grant to support the conduct of a research proposal, designed and carried out by the Fellow, that will advance the understanding of the nonprofit and philanthropy sector – including but not limited to donor behavior, economic forces, data management, best practices etc.. 

Program Details

  • The program will provide each awardee a research grant up to a total of $4000 to cover stipends and travel. 
  • GTDC Fellows will be expected to plan and conduct an independent research project over the summer with a brief progress report due on the first day of fall classes. 
  • Upon completion of the fellowship period, awardees will be expected to present their findings to members of the GivingTuesday team as well as present at a mutually agreed upon conference.  
  • GTDC scholars are asked to acknowledge the support of the GTDC fellowship program in any research publications, and to update their progress report if their manuscripts are accepted for publication. 
  • The award amounts are generous but subject to availability of funds. Preferences will be given to proposals that consist of a robust research program that will require substantial effort over the fellowship period. Therefore, it is expected that fellows will not be enrolled in full-time course work or hold other full-time TA or research positions during the fellowship period. 

A student sitting on a bed with a laptop and books around themApplication Process

The GTDC Summer fellowship is open to all full-time enrolled students, including international students, across universities in North America.  

  • The selection process will be overseen by the GTDC fellowship committee and a limited number of research grants will be awarded. 
  • Proposed projects must be for a minimum duration of 8 weeks with a report due before the first day of fall classes. 
  • Undergraduate applicants are required to identify and be nominated by an advisor. The advisor may either be from their university department or from an external organization. Applications from undergraduates will be subject to the vetting of their advisor. 
  • Projects can make use of resources available through the GivingTuesday Data Commons. 

GivingTuesday believes that the most radical liberatory futures and innovative technologies are being built by communities that have been pushed to the margins. GivingTuesday encourages students of all backgrounds, lived experiences, and identities to apply for the Data Commons Summer Fellowship, particularly individuals who have not had equal access to opportunities because of their race, gender, class, sexuality, immigration/documentation status, age, or disability.  

Applications for the GivingTuesday Data Commons Summer Fellowship Program will go live on March 10, 2023. The deadline to apply is May 10, 2023. Early applications will be given priority and the final awardees will be announced in May. Contact Tan Madhavan at tan@givingtuesday.org for more information. 


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