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Organize a Bus Tour of Social Good For Youth: Empower Tomorrow’s Givers:

Logan Williams and Lauren Turos, the young leaders of GivingTuesdaySpark, co-created the Cleveland Compassion Tour on GivingTuesday 2021. This was no ordinary bus tour; it was a powerful lesson in compassion and generosity for the youth of Cleveland.

Seventeen enthusiastic young participants, aged 8-14, embarked on a day filled with eye-opening experiences. The tour took them to five different social justice nonprofits, where they delved into the heart of community issues and learned how these organizations were making a difference. Each stop was an immersion into a world of empathy and impact. They explored not only the missions and work of these nonprofits but also the neighborhoods they served, forging a deeper connection to the very fabric of their community.

But it didn’t stop at observation. These young minds actively engaged in interactive activities at each stop, leaving their mark and making a genuine difference.┬áThe 2021 Cleveland Compassion Tour wasn’t just a day of learning; it was a day of transformation. It was an investment in the future, planting the seeds of empathy, generosity, and community engagement in the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.

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