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Free Download: The Secrets to a Successful GivingTuesday

Raise more on GivingTuesday, do more good in 2025.

Want to inspire more giving this year? It's not too late to rally your supporters to join you to celebrate the impact you make together on this GivingTuesday, December 3, 2024. Our free toolkit makes it easy to create a quick campaign to rally generosity to power your mission.

The Secrets to a Successful GivingTuesday for Nonprofits + Community Organizations

GivingTuesday is right around the corner. You still have time to participate in the global generosity movement.

This free step-by-step guide includes:

  • Simple organizing tactics to rally your community on your behalf for GivingTuesday
  • Social media strategies for an adapting landscape
  • Customizable email templates
  • Easy ways to get the word out to your supporters and local press
  • Plus — bonus resources for more ideas and inspiration you can use to rally support for your mission

Embrace these strategies to supercharge your GivingTuesday impact and welcome new donors with open arms, all without overwhelming your team. It’s not too late to ignite your community’s generosity and make a real difference!