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GivingTuesday Europe Hub

GivingTuesday Europe Hub

The GivingTuesday Europe Hub celebrates the spirit of giving and inspires positive social impact across the continent. Together, let’s create a future where generosity knows no bounds, collaboration fuels change, and innovation paves the way.

About the GivingTuesday Europe Hub

Co-created in partnership with our network of European leaders, the GivingTuesday European Hub creates new opportunities for leaders to collaborate, connect, and grow generosity across the region. The Hub will support leadership and innovation across the movement’s existing network, and will provide a new platform and resource for partners across Europe to lead collaborative data work and to better inform and inspire the social sector in the region.

Data & Insights

Learning About Generosity

With the formation of the European Hub, we will provide the infrastructure and mechanisms needed for leaders across Europe to better understand, measure, and support philanthropy in the region. This work will be done collaboratively with partners across Europe and will unlock even more insights and learnings into giving trends and behaviors in and across countries.

A group of people in a office discussing some twitter data.Interested in helping us study the science of giving and generosity? Email us to get involved.

Unlock a world of resources, connections, and support to fuel your journey as a changemaker

Powering More Generosity Throughout Europe

There are many ways to get involved in our work. Organizations can plan their own campaigns using any of our resources or tools provided by each country movement (see below). 

We are also looking for more handraisers and partners to help us grow the movement in communities across the region. Email our team directly to learn more about ways you can get involved.

GivingTuesday Across Europe

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