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Insights to Action

Insights to Action (I2A)

The Insights to Action Toolkit project will leverage nonprofit sector data to generate actionable insights. These insights will then be offered to sector stakeholders as a toolkit of evidence-based best practices to help organizations improve their key metrics such as donor engagement, funds raised, hours volunteered, items donated, etc. 

Project Outputs

Actionable recommendations, toolkits, and tools that social sector stakeholders can use to maximize their impact and performance.

Data Contained

Transactional data and survey data collected via partners, participating fundraisers, and donors. Data intended to include categories such as donor sentiments, fundraiser perceptions, and industry practices.

Update Schedule

Data is collected on an ongoing basis. A fundraiser and donor survey will be distributed in Q3 2023. The next iterations will be delivered in September and November. 

Designed For

Fundraising platforms, community leaders, and individual fundraisers who wish to improve their fundraising capacity.

Use Case Example

A community leader wants to elevate the performance of their donor engagement efforts. They consult the data-driven, actionable insights provided in this toolkit to inform their decision-making and strategy.

How to Access the Project

To find out more, please email davide@givingtuesday.org