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GivingTuesday and Humanitas are united in their belief that the core data for defining and categorizing nonprofits are a public good. They recognize however, that even the most basic fields in public nonprofit sector data tend to be inaccurate, incomplete, or out-of-date.  Working together, we want to improve the reliability of key nonprofit sector data and ensure this valuable information is available for access and use by all who need it. It aims to be a validated source of basic information for all the nonprofit entities in the US, and a building block for diverse applications such as linking to other datasets, building out additional products, or serving as the reference list for analyses of the sector.

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Project Outputs

Collaborative dataset

Data Contained

This dataset contains identifying information about charities located in the USA. It features nearly 2 million records with some or all of the following key fields: EIN, Name, Description, Addresses.

Update Schedule

Last updated February 2022

Designed For

Nonprofits, fundraising professionals, funders

Use Case Examples

This dataset can enable users to map organizations geographically by purpose, locate cities or counties where causes are not represented, and compile the most frequent purposes/causes by geographic locations.

How to Access the Project

To find out more or to get involved, please email sila@givingtuesday.org.