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Growing Generosity in Florida

The Growing Generosity in Florida report provides actionable insights for nonprofit organizations, donors, and policymakers about the dynamics of individual givers across the state of Florida in the United States. In this study, we focused exclusively on younger people (adults aged 18-45) to generate insights about how to best attract and retain them as lifelong givers. The goal is to better understand givers throughout Florida, using this knowledge to guide strategies and generate ideas to ultimately increase giving in Florida.

Project Outputs

  • Report
  • Dashboard
  • Survey responses dataset
  • Survey questions

Data Contained

The dataset contains 2641 raw survey responses from May 2023

Update Schedule

One-time research report

Designed For

Fundraising professionals, nonprofit professionals, and academics based in Florida

Use Case Examples

Generate new insights about generosity behaviors and trends in Florida, including non-monetary giving trends, and improve nonprofit services for the benefit of the entire sector in Florida

How to Access the Project

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