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Global Omnibus Survey

Global Omnibus Survey

The Global Omnibus Survey investigates global generosity trends through a questionnaire tailored to a global audience. The main objective of this survey is to profile the giving behaviors of typical donors from different countries. This survey is a modified version of both GivingPulse and US Annual Giving questionnaires.

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Project Outputs

Raw survey responses, summary data tables, data dictionary.

Data Contained

Data-collection is conducted via an online survey in Q1 of each year to capture generosity behaviors in the previous year. Two questions were asked using the Ipsos Global Advisor Omnibus. The sample is n=1000 in the following countries: Brazil, Canada, India, Kenya, Mexico, the United Kingdom (excl. Northern Ireland) and the United States. Response fields include generosity taxonomy and methods used to give money.

Update Schedule

Yearly (in Q1)

Designed For

Fundraising professionals, Academic researchers

Use Case Examples

A fundraising professional wants to investigate global generosity trends and compare giving behaviors between countries to inform their strategy for a global fundraising campaign.

How to Access the Project

To find out more about this project, please email sila@givingtuesday.org