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Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Project

Donor Advised Fund (DAF) Project

GivingTuesday Data Commons has partnered with the Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC) to contribute to an increased public understanding of donor advised funds (DAFs). The Donor Advised Fund Research Collaborative (DAFRC), led and co-founded by Dr. Danielle Vance-McMullen and Dr. H. Daniel Heist, contributes to the public understanding of donor-advised funds (DAFs) by collecting the most recent data on DAF accounts and analyzing their characteristics and giving behavior. Published in February 2024, the 2024 National Study on Donor Advised Funds is the most comprehensive research project on DAFs to date.

To access the full report, FAQs, and an Executive Summary with key findings, click here: https://www.dafresearchcollaborative.org/national-study-dafs

Project Outputs

Data Contained

 The study contains deidentified transaction-level data from years 2014-2022, from at least 100,000 DAF accounts held by more than 100 DAF sponsoring organizations across the United States.

Update Schedule


Designed For

  • Academic researchers 
  • Fundraising professionals 

Use Case Examples

This data can support research on

  • Public understanding of DAFs
  • Policies around DAFs and how findings can influence them
  • Organizational-level practices impacting DAF giving
  • Individual behaviors and motivations shaping DAF giving.

How to Access the Project

This data set is restricted with specific criteria for access:

1.You must be a university researcher who has up-to-date CITI training;

2. You must present a project proposal that falls within one of the three project areas: Patterns of Individual DAF Giving, Variation in DAF Giving, DAF Response to Shocks in the Giving Environment

3. You must have IRB approval for your work

If you fulfill these requirements, you can submit your access request here and we will put you in contact with researchers leading this work. 

To find out more or to get involved, please email sila@givingtuesday.org.

Partner Resources

Find more information about this project including the latest reports at DAF Research Collaborative’s website.


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