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990 Data Infrastructure Project

Through the 990 Data Infrastructure project, we will build and maintain a centralized platform that will democratize access to raw, clean, and standardized IRS charity data. In addition, we will assist key stakeholders in processing this charity data and provide them with useful tooling to assist with research endeavors.

To access the 990 project site, click here.

Project Outputs

Multiple deliverables including a collaborative data lake of 990 data, data collection and processing tools, and a data store of clean and accessible newly released IRS nonprofit data. 

Data Contained

Historical 990 tax data released by the IRS (for US-based nonprofits) including: expenses, revenue, grant data, executive compensation, and more.

Update Schedule

New data is collected in real-time from the IRS site and historical data was collected from the IRS website as well as through our partners.

Designed For

Sector stakeholders, Academic Researchers and Think Tanks Researching the Charity Sector, Media organizations, Foundations 

Use Case Example

An academic researcher wants to access raw, clean, and standardized nonprofit tax data to understand current and historical data trends across US nonprofits.

How to Access the Project

To access our 990 site, click here.