What is a community campaign?

Community campaigns are either a geographic coalition of nonprofits working together with a central organizer, or a single nonprofit that is rallying a cause community in a community-wide effort.

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From #GivingTuesdayCLT (Charlotte, NC) to #ILGive (Illinois) to #BethelGives (Alaska), community campaigns are uniting organizations and people to celebrate #GivingTuesday in their town, city, state, or region.

There are currently over 100 community campaigns being organized in the United States, with many more coming together in regions around the world.

Current US community campaigns:

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Meet the community leaders

There are many faces and voices to GivingTuesday community campaigns, and we're seeing leaders arise at every level of their organization. Here's just a few stories and example of how leaders are launching and building community campaigns:

Will Esposito


Sarah Lyon


Lisa Whalen


Kathleen Murphy


Amy Jacobs


Wayne Steer


Brenda Sooter



Jennifer Sampson



Susan Hoff



Roberto Soto-Acosta



Lynelle Marble



Cory Howat



Planning your campaign

Tools and resources

Feel free to use the tools and resources below to plan your community campaign. You can also browse our larger library of resources here.

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