A Collaborative Global Library of Resources on Generosity and Philanthropy: The GivingTuesday Resource Exchange is Live! Browse the Resource Exchange
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A Collaborative Global Library: The GivingTuesday Resource Exchange is Live!

8 Feb 2024 by GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday is excited to announce the launch of our revamped global resource library focusing on generosity and philanthropy: The GivingTuesday Resource Exchange.

Managed by GivingTuesday, this virtual library is an up-to-date, global, collaborative, and comprehensive collection of resources on generosity and philanthropy. With new additions every month, the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange is a portal of entry into special collections from the foremost organizations across the philanthropic sector, including academics and nonprofits. It also offers key access to collaborative work, research, insights, and assets produced by the GivingTuesday Data Commons and its network.


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“Ongoing challenges and new opportunities have made empowering social sector practitioners and researchers critical for the future development and resilience of civil society. We’ve heard from many partners that finding centralized resources is a major barrier to their work. Through The GivingTuesday Resource Exchange, we’ve created a collaborative and curated library that can launch new explorations and fuel exciting developments in, and our understanding of, generosity.”

– Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Officer of GivingTuesday



Formerly known as GivingLab, the new resource library introduces a brand new look, enhanced navigation, and an expanding repertoire of over 1,600 resources on generosity, philanthropy, volunteerism, and trends in giving.

Visitors can browse an array of resources gathered from around the world, including reports, articles, research, stories, videos, and much more. Visitors and organizations can also suggest new content to add to the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange, making it a truly collaborative knowledge base.

The GivingTuesday Resource Exchange was built as a tool for the social sector, designed to inspire and support generosity worldwide by equipping sector leaders and researchers with the latest research, insights, and resources from peers in the sector. Over the past few years, staying up to speed on new materials in this ever-evolving sector has become more difficult, but the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange gives practitioners a new way to stay up-to-date on current developments.

Through the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange, and thanks to its global network of partners, GivingTuesday allows diverse sector collaborators to come together to share knowledge and insights, providing a space to cultivate thought leadership on generosity and spark meaningful, actionable research.

For more information about the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange, please visit https://www.givingtuesday.org/resource-exchange. Make sure to bookmark the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange and to come back every month to see new additions! If your organization is interested in indexing your own curated libraries on the GivingTuesday Resource Exchange, please contact our team here.

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