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Measuring Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

19 Nov 2018 by GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is a great day to learn about your audience. You can use this data to inform your fundraising, marketing, and digital media strategies throughout the year. If you haven’t already, think about what you want to learn and what metrics and data you need to watch during your #GivingTuesday campaign. Here are some ideas to think about this week before #GivingTuesday about ways to measure your campaign.

  • Talk to your IT team about your fundraising and email systems. How will gifts be processed and counted on the day? How can you get real-time updates to check and share the status of your goal with your supporters? Your website and other online systems might see a big spike on November 27. Make sure you are prepared!
  • Prepare your social media and email links with tracking code so that you are able to tell which messages were the most effective for driving your supporters to do what you asked them to do. Here’s an easy tool to use to build your links.
  • If you are organizing an event or volunteer activity, think about how you will gather feedback from the session and what you hope to come out of it. Supply feedback note cards by the exit and ask attendees to share their thoughts after the activity. Make sure you gather your attendee’s email addresses!
  • Check your social media insights. There are great built-in social media listening tools for Facebook and Twitter. These can be found in the back end of your profiles and should provide some insights into your reach and engagement on the day, as well as some information about the demographics of your followers.
  • Make sure you have Google Analytics set up (it’s easy and free). Google Analytics allows you to track incredibly valuable data including how many users visited your website, where those visitors came from, and how they navigate your website. You can also track where a would-be donor “fell off” during the donation process to help you make improvements with your flow. Here are some great free dashboards just for nonprofits to help you connect the dots between your different data points.
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