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This Group of High Schoolers in Guam is a Model of How We Can Change the World, Together

14 May 2024 by GivingTuesday

Everybody’s talking about the Sparkies. No, not because they’re the latest chart-topping pop band; but because they’re a group of high school-aged advocates in Guam who find unique ways to rally together and make real differences in the communities around them. 


Here’s your need-to-know cheat-sheet about who the Sparkies are and the work they’re each doing.


Kerra’s Peace & Harmony Walk

Kerra, 17, sees community service as an extension of family values. Rooted in her Catholic faith, she believes in expressing love and compassion through service. Her project, the “Peace & Harmony Walk,” brought high school classmates together for a march promoting unity, reflecting her dedication to fostering harmony within the community.


Satoshi’s Generous Hearts Initiative

Sixteen-year-old Satoshi embodies the spirit of generosity. Since moving to Guam in 2016, he has embraced kindness and love, sharing these traits through heartfelt gestures. As the president of his school’s service club, Satoshi collaborated with Jada to host “Generous Hearts,” encouraging the community to share acts of kindness on paper hearts. His commitment underscores the power of small gestures.


Jada’s Village of Generosity

Coming from a tight-knit family, Jada understands the importance of community support. Her project, “Generous Hearts,” organized with Satoshi, aimed to create a village of generosity within the local community. Jada’s experience in team sports equipped her with the skills to work collaboratively and overcome obstacles, showcasing the power of collective effort in community service.


Cierrah’s Sustainable Guam Project

Cierrah, 17, believes in making a tangible difference, especially on her small island. Her motivation stems from a desire to be more aware of her community’s needs. Cierrah’s project focused on sustainability and beautification, involving Guam High students in putting up lights and cleaning various locations throughout the community. Her commitment highlights the impact of community service on personal growth.


Chloe’s Canned Food Drive with Be Heartfelt

Sixteen-year-old Chloe sees community service as a profound connection to her roots and an opportunity to create positive change. Her project, a canned food drive in collaboration with the non-profit Be Heartfelt, aimed to provide resources for less fortunate youth. Chloe’s emphasis on the significance of outcomes over grand actions exemplifies the strength of collective efforts in creating a unified and supportive community.


Lysez’s Climate Action Event

Lysez, inspired by environmental activist Greta Thunberg, dedicated her time to the Micronesia Climate Change Alliance. Her project involved creating holiday cards for senior citizens through the Meals on Wheels program. Lysez’s commitment to climate action reflects the global awareness present in Guam, an island susceptible to climate fluctuations.


Lyca’s Behind-the-Scenes Impact

As the Public Affairs Officer of JFKHS Air Force JROTC team, Lyca used her position to inspire fellow cadets to make a difference. Her project focused on creating letters and arts and crafts for local churches, non-profits, and schools, showcasing the power of behind-the-scenes efforts in community service.


Cheyoung’s Campus Glow-Up Event

For Cheyoung, community service is an opportunity for personal growth and learning. Her project, “Campus Glow-Up,” brought students together to beautify the Southern High Campus. Cheyoung’s commitment to immersive community involvement highlights the transformative potential of service in inspiring change.


Alana’s Perspective on Community Service

Alana sees community service as an extensive care and yearning for the betterment of the island community. Her dedication emphasizes the rigorous work and planning involved in making a lasting impact.


Alexa’s Journey in Healthcare and Community Service

Inspired by her parents’ dedication, Alexa, 16, believes in the importance of being actively engaged in the community. Her goal to enter the healthcare field aligns with her lifelong purpose of helping others. Starting community service at a young age, Alexa emphasizes the significance of sharing fortune and actively contributing to the well-being of the community.


The wide-ranging, deeply personal, community-focused efforts of each of the Sparkies perfectly exhibit the success of a model for change that’s deeply rooted at the community level. And, just like we would be if they were actually a pop-band, we are tuned in to everything the Sparkies are up to.


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