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GivingTuesday Releases its 2022 Impact Report: Unleashing Generosity Globally

20 Mar 2023 by GivingTuesday

As 2022 ended, GivingTuesday wrapped up our 10th anniversary and began our 11th year as a global generosity movement. Ahead of us, we see unlimited possibility because of the foundation we’ve built — one forged by the people who make up this movement and who have a shared vision for a more generous world.

Our milestone year was marked by exponential growth in service of our mission, and at every level, GivingTuesday is bigger than ever before. 

  • Our team grew from 11 to 35, and we launched Global Hubs in India and Africa to deepen our impact in those regions.
  • The GivingTuesday Data Commons expanded its work to explore generosity and launched a capital campaign to fuel its ambitious projects.
  • 9 new countries launched national GivingTuesday movements.
  • Countless activations were held for the annual celebration of generosity on November 29.

After another inspiring year, we’re reflecting on our growth and the lessons we’ve learned since GivingTuesday launched. We’re taking those lessons with us as we build GivingTuesday’s next era. We’re beginning 2023 with a steadfast commitment to our thriving community, radical generosity or what we call, with a bit of a smile, effusive altruism and its transformative potential, and the values that have guided this movement for the past decade.

The movement’s leaders are the heart of GivingTuesday. What makes this network of changemakers so special is that it is one massive community of a multitude of smaller ones, and at every layer, there is cross-pollination of ideas, co-created resources and tools, and constant encouragement and support. Together, we’ve built a shared space where we dream and build together. The growth of this movement is critical to building that better future we want to see, but it’s also up to us in the GivingTuesday community to work together to protect and preserve the qualities that make this mutually supportive, warm, and inspiring network unique and effective.

Radical generosity has been at the core of GivingTuesday, and it remains our central philosophy as we head into the next ten years. It is the idea that generosity is abundant and that the well-being of others is important and meaningful to each of us. The deepening of our understanding of radical generosity comes from the people who make up this movement. They remind us that people who incorporate generous acts into their everyday lives are the ones who help transform systems and create change. Generosity leads to more engaged citizens and is key to civic participation. People connecting through generosity find common ground and appreciation despite all that might divide them, and because of that, generosity can be an antidote to the polarization continuing to take hold across the globe. Generosity is crucial to the better world we want to build. It’s not just a nice set of heart-warming acts; it’s an absolute must.

The core set of values that shaped GivingTuesday into what it is today will continue to guide us as we deepen our impact and grow our movement. Co-creation and co-ownership, collective action, distributed power, and proximate leadership helped transform an idea that started in one country into a global movement. Over the past few years, the entire social sector has looked inward to reflect on its approaches and question traditional systems and old power dynamics. As our staff, leaders, and broader community continue to hone this network and movement, we’ll continue sharing our learnings and insights to uplift our model.

We are thrilled as we look ahead to the next ten years of GivingTuesday. While every year is different from the one before it, our work the work of helping people see generosity as vital to our future has a steadfastness to it. We dream of a more generous world when there is peace; we dream of a more generous world when there is crisis. Our strategies may shift, but the vision that unifies all within our movement is unchanging. We are always working toward that better world we all dream of, and we know we can build it together. 

Browse our 2022 impact report.

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