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GivingTuesday Launches Collaborative Research Hub with Humanitas to Improve Core Nonprofit Data

10 Feb 2022 by GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday and Palo-Alto based social enterprise Humanitas are excited to announce a new collaboration: the Humanitas Research Hub on the GivingTuesday Data Commons Platform, launching today. Both organizations understand the power of data to support the objectives of the nonprofit sector and the urgent need for core information that can improve the delivery of services, connect donors with relevant impact opportunities, and drive evidence-based decisions. This hub will help fill that resource gap.

“Humanitas has been a longtime member of the GivingTuesday community and has made significant and valuable contributions to the GivingTuesday Data Commons,” said Woodrow Rosenbaum, Chief Data Office at GivingTuesday, “and this new data hub extends and deepens that relationship to provide exciting new tools and insights to the nonprofit sector.” 

Initially, the new Humanitas Research Hub aims to expand the utility of the Humanitas dataset. This dataset features key fields, including EIN, geographical information, and description for nearly 2 million nonprofits and counting, with plans underway to update regularly. Through the new hub, data owners, product creators, and other members of the nonprofit ecosystem will be able access and contribute to the improvement of these datasets – already among the largest and cleanest available – to ensure they contain the most current and complete descriptive information available about nonprofits. 

This data will enable all sector stakeholders to perform more robust analyses, generate new insights, and improve their services for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. GivingTuesday and Humanitas invite sector data holders to get involved by contributing their own data to this core dataset and using this data to support their research or achieve their goals. To join this exciting collaborative project, interested individuals and organizations can sign up at the GivingTuesday Data Commons and the Humanitas Research Hub here.

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