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Givers and Friends Fest: The GivingTuesday 2021 Summit

13 Oct 2021 by GivingTuesday

Explore the Givers + Friends Fest 2021 Video Library for Your Best GivingTuesday Campaign Yet!

A concert style poster. The background is pink with purple mountains below and evergreen trees. A majestic unicorn peeks up from the bottom edge. The text reads: “GivingTuesday presents: Givers and Friends Fest--- Canva, Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, Mailchimp, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube -- Taproot, VolunteerMatch, Zoom, Liz Ngonzi, Access Living, Mightybytes, the GivingTuesday team. This is a livestream event @ GivingTuesday.org and all of GivingTueday’s social media channels"On October 6, GivingTuesday hosted Givers + Friends Fest 2021, an all-day virtual kick-off party gathering dozens of our partners and friends to explore ways to inspire global generosity on the biggest giving day of the year! More than 11,000 attendees from around the world tapped into best practices, creative ideas, and inspiration for rallying their community to do good on GivingTuesday. 

Every major social media platform shared best practices for how to use their respective tools to organize your community and mobilize for GivingTuesday. Here are just a few highlights from this incredible all-day summit:

  • Facebook announced details for the $8 million match program the platform is offering in honor of GivingTuesday.
  • Twitter shared valuable advice on how to build a movement for your cause, connect with other changemakers, and create a strategic and successful GivingTuesday campaign, 280 characters at a time.
  • Liz Ngonzi provided tips for telling compelling stories that move people to action on GivingTuesday.
  • AccessLiving + Mightybytes provided tools to help you create campaigns that are accessible and inclusive to people with disabilities.
  • The GivingTuesday team shared how the movement has grown over the years, both globally and locally, as well as the data and insights we’ve learned through our data work. 
  • VolunteerMatch + Taproot gave us some ideas for creative ways to give this GivingTuesday
  • Instagram star, OhHappyDani, shared her thoughts on how we can disrupt the cycle of inaction, match our passions with a cause, and work together not just on GivingTuesday, but every day, to create the just + equitable world we all seek.

That’s just the beginning—check out the full menu of Givers + Friends Fest videos that’ll help you have the best GivingTuesday yet! Both English and Spanish captions are available on each video recording.

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