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Unleash the Power of African Philanthropy

Ignite Generosity, Foster Collective Action, and Transform Communities Through Co-Creation

The GivingTuesday Africa Hub celebrates the spirit of giving and inspires positive social impact across the continent. Together, let’s create a future where generosity knows no bounds, collaboration fuels change, and innovation paves the way to a thriving Africa.

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About the GivingTuesday Africa Hub

The GivingTuesday Africa Hub’s mission is to inspire and manifest generosity across the African continent. We are driven by our core values of collective action, collaboration, generosity, co-creation, inclusivity, and innovation.

At GivingTuesday Africa Hub, we believe that lasting change can only be achieved through the power of collective action. We foster partnerships and bring together diverse voices and perspectives to create meaningful impact. Our approach is rooted in co-creation, ensuring shared ownership and acknowledging the collective impact we can make together.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our work. We strive to ensure that our initiatives are inclusive, representative, and respectful of the rich diversity of African communities. We embrace innovation, constantly seeking new ways to improve our approaches and maximize our impact.

Our vision is to see a future where generosity, collective action, and co-creation are the driving forces behind African philanthropy. By celebrating and amplifying African philanthropy, we inspire positive social impact and transform communities across the continent.

Data & Insights

Generosity Circle

A vibrant community of philanthropic and civil society stakeholders united by a common goal—to advance African philanthropy and strengthen civil society. We believe that understanding, celebrating, and inspiring African philanthropy is the key to creating a more prosperous and equitable continent.

In Africa, generosity runs deep, woven into the very fabric of our diverse cultures and traditions. However, much of this generosity remains untapped and underutilized as a resource for civic work. That’s why the Generosity Circle has been established—to unlock the potential of African generosity and leverage it for the greater good.

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Interested in helping us study the science of giving and generosity? Email us to get involved.

Why the Generosity Circle? 

Because we recognize that while research and data initiatives have been carried out by various organizations across the continent, there is a need for coordination and collaboration to maximize their impact. We aim to create a space for peer learning, cross-regional analysis, and shared methodologies that will enable a better understanding and comparison of generosity data in Africa.

Collaboration is at the heart of the Generosity Circle. By working together with strategic partners and thought leaders, we will co-convene for peer learning, co-resource through joint fundraising efforts, and co-design methodologies to develop actionable insights. Our shared research priorities will drive data-driven decision-making, helping us support nonprofits, grassroots organizations, community networks, and social movements across Africa.

Through the Generosity Circle, we expect to achieve an expanded research agenda, fostering collective intelligence and stronger relationships among key data stakeholders. We aim to elevate Africa’s global influence on the philanthropy practice and research agenda, showcasing the richness and diversity of our philanthropic traditions.

Our Approach

  • Leveraging convening platforms to share knowledge, co-create research methods, and facilitate peer learning. 
  • Tracking and reviewing the contextual dynamics outside the Generosity Circle’s control 
  • Expand our outreach to engage more collaborative and data holders outside our current networks. 


  • An expanded research agenda: Key questions are identified, and a prioritized research agenda is defined through a strategic collaborative approach to understand and help solve the complexities of philanthropy in Africa.
  • Collective intelligence: data sharing and stronger relationships among key data stakeholders at the national, regional, and continental level
  • Ownership: Data application where proposed data collaboration partners may lead key takeaways
  • Greater influence – Cross-continental learning and collaboration to strengthen Africa’s global influence on the philanthropy practice and research agenda. 

Generosity Circle Co-Leaders

Unlock a world of resources, connections, and support to fuel your journey as a changemaker in the realm of African philanthropy.

Powering More Generosity Throughout Africa

The GivingTuesday Africa Hub network serves as a comprehensive resource center for African philanthropy, offering a wealth of tools, resources, and support to organizations and individuals dedicated to making a difference.

In addition to our rich resource library, we also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded changemakers and leaders in the field. Through events, workshops, and networking opportunities, you can forge valuable connections, share experiences, and collaborate on initiatives that drive positive change.

Connect with your national GivingTuesday movement to find valuable resources, including toolkits, templates, and guides, designed to empower you in your philanthropic endeavors.

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Meet the Africa Hub Team
Catherine Mwendwa
Director, Africa Hub

Formerly a GivingTuesday global leader for Kenya, Catherine has worked in the philanthropy sector for over 8 years driving conversations, research, and action in philanthropy policy and fundraising.

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Eme Iniekung
Programs & Partnerships Manager, Africa Hub

Eme is the programs & partnerships manager for the GivingTuesday Africa Hub. She supports an ecosystem of learning and collaboration in Africa and around the world by centering and amplifying the practice of African generosity.

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Bidemi Adedire
Communications Manager Africa Hub

Bidemi Adedire manages communication for the GivingTuesday Africa Hub

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Unveiling the Power of African Generosity


Discover the untold stories of generosity that shape Africa’s vibrant philanthropic landscape. Join us on the Ubuntu Giving podcast as we dive deep into the heart of African communities, celebrating acts of compassion, and showcasing the transformative power of giving.

Each episode of our podcast takes you on a captivating journey, featuring inspiring guests who share their experiences, insights, and remarkable initiatives. Explore diverse themes such as volunteerism, charitable giving, community development, and social impact, as we highlight the extraordinary individuals and organizations making a difference across the continent.

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