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GivingTuesday for Foundations, Grantmakers, + Philanthropists


Foundations play an important role in growing generosity. Here are a few ideas to leverage the GivingTuesday movement to rally more giving:

  • Organize a giving day for your community.
  • Provide a match for nonprofits and community organizations.
  • Collaborate with other funders and help amplify the nonprofits in your city.
  • Provide capacity-building workshops for your local nonprofits on digital fundraising (we can help.)
  • Give your megaphone to nonprofits and let them take over your social media pages or interview them on livestreams so they can introduce their mission to a wider audience.

How Foundations Have Participated in GivingTuesday

Help Local Businesses

In order to help the restaurants and businsses that were suffering during the height of the pandemic, Harrington Family Foundation matched every dollar spent on takeout, gift cards, or merchandise from local restaurants and encourage folks to patronize BIPOC and women-owned businesses.

Pool a Marketing Fund

For Illinois' statewide GivingTuesday campaign, 10 foundations in Chicago pooled together a fund to help market the giving day both in Chicago and downstate. They bought out digital ads in the train stations, bus stop ads next to the magnificent mile shopping district and took out full page ads in the newspapers to promote giving.

Host a Giving Day

Community Foundation of the North State hosts #NorthStatesGives on GivingTuesday. "Amid a global pandemic that has caused so much hardship, thousands of kindhearted community members rallied behind the nonprofits that make our region healthier, stronger, and more vibrant." In 2020, 2,981 donors gave $1.1M to 186 nonprofits in the Redding, CA area in ONE DAY! In addition, nearly 18k volunteer hours were pledged.

Lead a GivingTuesday Community Campaign

GivingTuesday Communities come together around a common geography or issue area to collaborate, innovate, transform, and inspire- making a difference in the lives of others, finding creative ways to mobilize networks, hosting volunteer events, raising funds for their local nonprofits, and sparking waves of kindness. Learn more about how the GivingTuesday team can help your foundation take the lead on bringing the generosity movement to your community.

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