By Giving Compass

Natural disasters on U.S. shores. Refugee crises abroad. Global climate change. Local food deserts.

No matter which corner of the world you look in, nonprofits are tackling these and other problems with the help of donor support. Yet, many donors don’t have a clear understanding of how the sector operates. Topics like unrestricted funding or beneficiary needs aren’t always well understood.

It isn’t for lack of trying though. Thirty-two percent of donors devote two hours of research before giving. High-quality philanthropic information exists, but it’s been notoriously difficult for donors to access and one-to-one support and education by nonprofits is difficult to scale.

We hear you. Since 2017, Giving Compass has been a one-stop shop designed to help donors give better. Our editorial team works tirelessly to vet, research and summarize the best philanthropic information. No fake news here!

We have published more than 13,000 articles, guides and videos to help educate donors and guide them toward giving with impact. As we all try to navigate a complex world, Giving Compass is also a place to find inspiring stories and examples of solutions to social issues.

Now, we’re making all of that content available for free to nonprofits via a simple (but completely customizable) content tool, or “widget.” In minutes, you can have high-quality content specific to your issue area streaming on your site and donors can make more informed decisions leading to transformative impact.

The Widget in the Wild

Still not sure about this “widget” business? Consider how family foundations and media companies are already using the tool to reach their site visitors.

The Raikes Foundation is furthering their message about the importance of impact-driven philanthropy (IDP) by featuring IDP news and updates directly on its site via the widget. Visitors gain access to the latest vetted content and walk away with new knowledge to inform their own giving.

Meanwhile, Encore Seattle, an arts program publisher, recently placed the widget on its homepage in hopes that more donors will support the arts after viewing fresh arts and media content.

An Easy Way to Be a Donor Resource

The widget not only keeps your site current (it automatically refreshes with new articles as they go live on Giving Compass), but it allows your organization to strengthen its reputation as a trusted resource. Guide donors toward behaviors that can make your organization’s work more impactful.

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