"Imagine being trapped in your hometown with no access to food, water or electricity. Food is running out in the market and you cannot provide for your family."

- WFP Staffer, Hamza Abdalla

Josephine was seven years old but only weighed 24 pounds. Wasting away from hunger that left her weak and at the mercy of diseases like tuberculosis. Children in South Sudan like Josephine, who have somehow survived the terror of a brutal civil war, shouldn’t also face the terror of starvation.

But that terror is exactly what many children and families are facing in South Sudan right now.

Cut off from all aid by fighting or flooded roads some families are so desperate they've resorted to eating water lily roots. There's simply no food to be found. Until a WFP airdrop arrives.

For GivingTuesday, WFP USA has an ambitious goal of raising $288,000 by midnight tonight — enough to cover an entire day of airdrops in South Sudan. Every gift made before midnight on GivingTuesday will be matched, dollar-for-dollar.

People in South Sudan often walk for a day or more to reach the WFP food distribution points. They travel long distances for a reason. Help is on the way — emergency airdrops of lifesaving food.

Each airdrop conducted by WFP can feed approximately 2,000 people for a month. Eight airdrops is enough food for 16,000 people for a month — people who could die of hunger without humanitarian intervention.



Josephine was one of the children in South Sudan just lucky enough to receive the nutrition and care that she needed to survive. But there are millions of children just like her who still need your help.

This year, WFP has conducted more than 2,000 airdrops in Syria and South Sudan — two of the most difficult places to deliver food. Airdrops are a measure of last resort, but they have saved millions of lives when there was no other way to reach these anguished families. "More food is coming. The planes will keep coming,"said Owen Davies, a WFP staffer in South Sudan. Because WFP will do anything to reach hungry people.

Visit wfpusa.org/givingtuesday to make your gift today.