2015 #MyGivingStory Award Winner

By Kathie Benjamin

I am a very active member of the disability community in my area. I work with several families and I help them navigate the system. I also have a child with multiple disabilities. Having a child with a disability has made me hyper aware of her actions and surroundings because simple things become hazards to her. She doesn't stay with me and has wandered out the door when I was simply using the bathroom. These struggles are real. You read about them in the paper and listen to them on the news but it just sounds like words until it really happens.

I received a phone call one night from a friend with a child with autism. Her son had made it past 2 security gates and a locked door and made his way outside. He is attracted to water and fell into the family Koi pond. When he was found he was unresponsive. She called me on the way to the hospital screaming in the way only a hurting mother could scream. I met her at the hospital and held her hand all night watching her son as they did procedures and tests and poked and prodded. He was very lucky and has pulled through. He has permanent irreversible damage. I set out the next day to find a way to prevent this. I found KultureCity and their LifeBoks program.

LifeBOKS are kits provided to autism families designed to prevent wandering. The kit contains an emergency plan, a QR code patch and shoe tag for first responders to scan for child's information, a Buddy Tag bracelet that children can wear to alert the family when the child goes out of range, and information booklets on autism and wandering. This kit saves lives. We need to get this kit in the hands of every special needs family in the world. I immediately donated to the cause and I will continue to donate monthly until this kit is in the hands of every family with a special needs child. Please help me save lives by giving to this charity.

Written in support of KultureCity