For the last four years, #GivingTuesday has challenged individuals and communities to make the world a better place through generosity. We are learning more about what drives people to give and how you can maximize the impact of your donation on #GivingTuesday and beyond.

This page provides all of the tools you need to become a more informed donor, and to help you give in a way that is most beneficial for you and the causes closest to your heart.

Give with Greater Impact

Based on Laura Arrillaga-Andreessen's 20 years of experience practicing and teaching philanthropy at Stanford Graduate School of Business, these materials will elevate your giving from having momentary meaning to becoming monumentally meaningful. Take your entire giving portfolio from transactional to transformational through these #GivingTuesday materials and dozens more at

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  • Check out this Infographic from UpLift about credit card fees and how your gift is allocated.


For more information, download the Complete Guide to Great Giving or use our Great Giving Road Map to start your journey today!


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